ISG Provider Lens™ Customer Experience Services 2023 recognises Foundever™ as Leader in Europe Report

Information Services Group (ISG) named Foundever™ a Leader in its Europe Quadrant Report across all categories in Digital Operations, Intelligent CX (AI & Analytics), Hybrid Working Solutions and Social Media CX Services.  


In This Report

Published in September 2023, this research report compares provider strengths, challenges and competitive differentiators for 28 CX service providers. 

  • ISG’s study sought to understand enterprise requirements and provider capabilities to meet their demands 

  • Classification of the ISG Provider Lens™ quadrants: Leader, Product & Market Challenger and Contender; Rising Stars are classifications for vendors have promising portfolios or the market experience to become a Leader  

  • An important decision-making basis for positioning, key relationships and go-to-market considerations 

Key takeaways from the report

Foundever offers an extensive and advanced solutions portfolio with strong methods and effective European delivery expertise.

The company has a strong presence in Europe, with over 54,000 employees across 22 countries. It delivers a wide portfolio of CX services and products. The company’s innovative CX solutions, technology and expertise are designed to deliver a seamless CX.

Foundever effectively delivers strong AI-embedded, innovative and powerful, automation-driven products, services and solutions to CX clients.

Foundever offers a wide range of AI-driven reference case deployments, AI-assisted agents and analytics driven engagement and compliance, offering many solutions with embedded AI and automation. These include learning and talent services, insight and analytics, CX services and digital operations. They provide many successful references, showcasing efficient use of AI and analytics in their solutions delivered to clients across industries in Europe and the U.K.

Foundever leverages its extensive work-from-anywhere experience to deliver a powerful advanced portfolio, proven mature framework and deployment methods

Foundever currently has most of its associates working in a highly scalable hybrid working model. The company has delivered virtual or at-home solutions for over 20 years and has a strong presence in Europe, generating nearly 50% of its revenue from its regional operations. The company’s combination of end-to-end services, including remote working flexibility and expertise in multiple industry verticals, is well-proven.

Foundever has a vast range of powerful and advanced social media CX products, hubs, solutions and services in Europe.

Foundever is dedicated to innovation, dynamism and best-in-class CX delivery. It has a strong presence in Europe, with over 54,000 employees across 22 countries. The company has many references in the social media CX space, providing world-class technology, automation, platforms and solutions, including their Social Media Care, Boost Your Social, Crisis Management and social media hub capabilities.

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