Analyst briefing

ISG Research™ unveils exclusive report on how Foundever™ empowers the metaverse customer experience

Download your copy of the ISG Provider Lens™ briefing note: Foundever™ Empowers the Metaverse Customer Experience” to learn how the company is in a strong position to: ​

  • Help enterprises, including metaverse builders, native Web3 companies and traditional brands, with the delivery of world-class Meta Customer Experiences (MCX). ​
  • Leverage its transformational experience, digital expertise and CX capabilities into the Web3 ecosystem.​
  • Lead CX initiatives with integrated and innovative solutions, combining end-to-end services and industry expertise to deliver tailored solutions for each vertical.​

Download the report and get your company on the path to an immersive CX


Why every CX executive should read this report

Find out why ISG Provider Lens™ research shows that Foundever is viewed as a long-term partner by its clients and is capable of successfully guiding them towards the emerging Web3 metaverse worlds.

The metaverse is a must-have for a company’s CX strategy and should be considered as a new CX channel that offers opportunities to: 

  • Create immersive experiences to represent brands, deliver services and commercialize products.
  • Develop long-lasting customer relationships to increase brand loyalty. 
  • Create new revenue opportunities with new ways of engaging customers in purchases.
  • And more!

Download the report and learn how immersive experiences can help prepare your CX for the future